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Вы уверены, что вы хотите покинуть эту группу?

Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему EF Miami beach!?
От пользователя ALang109 12.11.2009 16:21:10
EF Miami beach!

Hey folks! Anyone going for Miami beach 2010? (: Going with the EF, from january 2010 - Forever? Just checking around to see if I can hook up some people who's going the same time as I am, well cheers and PEACE OUT! 

От пользователя OSISSOKO7 14.12.2009 9:42:17
RE: EF Miami beach!
I'm planning to go there, but it'll be on next February. I've to go to Jacksonville, so we can meet at Miami and go to the beach.
От пользователя RBonamino 08.02.2010 13:37:11
RE: RE: EF Miami beach!
I'm coming guys!!!
От пользователя FBardelli4 03.05.2010 14:54:39
RE: EF Miami beach!
I have been there in 2008, fantastic!! A wonderful experience and a very good school! I would like to return one day... The beach is close to the school and there is also a pool.
От пользователя hahmad363 10.07.2011 14:12:38
RE: EF Miami beach!
wow i hope to go there maybe this dream one day will realize
От пользователя mhany49 12.07.2011 5:42:20
RE: RE: EF Miami beach!
me to i hope to vist this wonderful place
От пользователя GQueiros5 17.11.2012 8:33:19
RE: RE: EF Miami beach!
What's your degree the English when you were?
От пользователя FBardelli4 17.11.2012 8:46:49
RE: RE: RE: EF Miami beach!
От пользователя GQueiros5 17.11.2012 9:35:03
EF Miami beach!
You spent how much time and what level of fluency you purchased Francesco?
От пользователя FBardelli4 17.11.2012 9:41:44
RE: EF Miami beach!
3 weeks, upper-intermediate