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Hi,everyone. Let's make it heartwarming communicative place. I would like to share tiny but nice thing in our daily life. You are always Welcome!!
Язык: Japanese
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Вы уверены, что вы хотите покинуть эту группу?

Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему Ohayouuu!?
От пользователя JAlvarado1097 01.02.2016 16:51:59






My name is jason, nice to meet you. I really love the japanese language as well as chinese language and I h***e been learning japanese for one year now. 


I am still at the n5 level but I hope to improve very quickly!


My goal is to one day be able to tr***el to japan and perhaps teach English there!




От пользователя tkusudo 19.02.2016 11:27:43
RE: Ohayouuu!
Good work! I'm surprised that you can write Japanese despite only one year studying. I had correct your word. おはよう げんきですか? わたしはじゃんそんです。 なにをしましたか?

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