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Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему Do you like k-pop from korean?
От пользователя apanc45 11.05.2015 4:25:55
Do you like k-pop from korean

 hello everybody

my name is suvvy ,I'm from China,I lived in Ningbo,I like watching korean TV,what do you like?

От пользователя ssumardi2 01.06.2015 0:00:20
RE: Do you like k-pop from korean
hii, i like korean drama too :)
От пользователя shanc116 27.07.2015 7:08:05
RE: Do you like k-pop from korean
Hi,my name is Zoe,I from Guangdong,live in Shenzhen and I like movies.I often go to the movies theater with my friends.Sometimes we are talking about movies on line."Letters to Juliet" is a good film.
От пользователя ctang2402 02.12.2015 11:09:12
RE: Do you like k-pop from korean

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