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Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему We need better teachers?
От пользователя ABarreiroAlferez 10.02.2014 14:23:58
We need better teachers

 We need good teachers's EF that loves Its job, there we be sincere in our reports with bad teacher, for that Enlishtow It knows and best the class in group and private.

От пользователя shaic4 24.02.2014 0:59:14
RE: We need better teachers
Sorry,I don't know. I'm first Learning .
От пользователя ABarreiroAlferez 24.02.2014 18:00:49
RE: RE: We need better teachers
Dear Joanne, thanks for you to say your doubt; we need to give a really rating to our teachers for first select the best teacher for you and second for the teachers no good, they improve their classes for us. You should be sincere but strict, so everybody win us. My friend.Take care,please, see you later

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