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Вы уверены, что вы хотите удалить дискуссионную тему Serious problem with my course?
От пользователя scurti 30.09.2010 17:39:38
Serious problem with my course

Hi there!

it's two days that I can't enjoy my english course... I'm in the unit 8 - level 3, but since I reached that level I had problems to get in.

When i try to go to my course, the "overview" window opens, but when I close it, the course behind quickly disappear, and it start to load the page.... but unfortunatly the loading is going on all time long, and never load the page.

Could you please help me??

I have written to the "help" but no answer yet! what shall I do?

I wait you to contact me soon becouse I miss my english course!!

thank you so much


От пользователя SSuleyman3 02.03.2014 10:05:21
RE: Serious problem with my course
От пользователя zhuac27 24.04.2014 6:21:52
RE: Serious problem with my course
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